EnBlancoCreativo cookie policy

EnBlancoCreativo and all associated websites, use cookies to ensure that all content can be correctly displayed by the visitors and for studies of the audience that we receive.

According to Article 22 of the Law Society Services of the information given by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, described below using cookies to be held in our websites.

Cookies are files that are stored on the browser used by each visitor to our web sites and serve to remind the user after his visit when he returns to access our services. These files are used to identify you as a particular user and identified in our services, to save preferences or technical information. In any case, these cookies provide personal data of users and provide information that goes against the law of data protection.

If you do not want cookies stored in their browsers, you only have to specify what their options are browsing through the Internet browser configuration panel you can choose between 3 options:

• Always accept cookies.
• A message, the user is asked to accept the use of cookies.
• Always they reject cookies.

Usually all browsers also allow you to select the cookies detail through several options:

• The cookies from specific domains are rejected
• Third-party cookies are rejected
• Install temporary cookies that are deleted when the browser is closed
• Allows you to create cookies for a different domain

If you have problems setting cookies from your browser, you’ll see how to do it through owners browsers:

• Safari, you can see how it is configured through Apple.
• Explorer, you can see how it is configured through Microsoft
• Chrome, you can see how Google is configured via
• Firefox, you can see how it is configured by Mozilla

We are not responsible for third-party cookies, should make claims, please contact the administrator of the domain that created the cookie.

In the case where you want to be informed about the full EnBlancoCreativo conditions and their websites you may do so through the Contact page.