Photomanipulation was one of the things that captivated me when I began to study Graphic Design. At first, I must admit that I thought I would never be able to dominate such a comprehensive software such as Photoshop or Gimp, many years after that, I must admit that there will be always things to learn. I realize now that I know each and every one of the tools of the programs, but the most important is the creativity of the person using it.

I used the photomanipulation as part of my work on many projects like book covers, cd / dvd covers, in addition to some 3D renders, on posters, in web design and corporate identity of some clients but also I use it for fun. Photomanipulation is a kind of art whose base is in the photography. There are other kinds of work done with these softwares such as the Matte-painting but the basis of these is digital painting.

There are several “gurus” of photomanipulation, one of the most famous is the sweeden Erik Johansson, impossible photography.